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SUPERMODEL HTF excels in every discipline. With consistent power through turns and precise control, it’s the easiest and most intuitive do-it-all kite in the skies. This year, Reedin continued their dedication to making the best do-it-all kite on the market. Keeping it as easy and versatile as possible, and staying true to what their riders know and love about SuperModel.

The unique Hybrid Torsion Frame makes SUPERMODEL HTF faster, lighter, and more responsive, without sacrificing any stability or durability. Reedin has carefully tuned the flex and torsion characteristics of their new FlexLite material, and placed it exactly on sections of the leading edge where we know twist and torsion forces happen, to ensure faster turns, while keeping them smooth with a very consistent pull. You’re guaranteed to jump higher, pull bigger, confident loops, and have precise control in all conditions.

Any discipline, all conditions: SUPERMODEL DOES IT.

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Each kite is available in JET BLACK | NEPTUNE BLUE | LUNAR ROCK |

SuperModel HTF 4


SuperModel HTF 5


SuperModel HTF 6


SuperModel HTF 7


SuperModel HTF 8


SuperModel HTF 9


SuperModel HTF 10


SuperModel HTF 11


SuperModel HTF 12


SuperModel HTF 14


SuperModel HTF 16



  • Kite bag

  • Maintenance set

  • Repair Kit

  • International warranty and support

When you purchase a kite from us, you receive a FREE REEDIN SUPER PUMP! 



4 | 26+

5 | 26+
6 | 25+
7 | 20-40

8 | 18-35

9 | 15-30

10 | 12-28

11 | 11-25

12 | 10-23

14 | 7-19

16 | 6-17

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Please get in touch if interested in placing an order and/or to get information on GROUP/ PACKAGE Deals! 

Prices are Excluding VAT

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