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When you charter a yacht, the world is your oyster.

A luxury yacht charter can be anything and everything you want it to be, but above all it is a unique opportunity to dream up and experience the most exceptional holiday imaginable...

Leave it to our resident Yacht Charter Specialist to answer your questions, suggest options and route itineraries. They will create, plan and organise an unforgettable week on your individualized yacht charter so you can relax, enjoy and escape for the duration of your charter.


OceanClass 68

Prices starting from €35,000 p/w

DSC_7967-min copy.jpg

It's 7:30pm, you're sitting on the back deck enjoying the still warm summer sun, sipping on your glass of {imagine your preferred drink choice] watching as the sun creeps towards the horizon. Dolphins are jumping in the glistening water at a distance. You collect your thoughts, thinking about the lunch you had, at anchor in a beautiful bay, just after you came back from some watersports. The table was already set, the food was laid out and the beverages were cold. You enjoyed a great lunch with your guests, without a care in the world.
Your mind springs back to the current time, you see the sun hit the horizon and it reminds you on the beautiful sunrise you saw that same morning. Waking up, fresh cup of coffee in one hand, sunglasses in the other and enjoying the first sunrays. While you sipped your coffee, you smelt breakfast being cooked, which was being freshly prepared for you. The views were incredible, everywhere you looked seemed like a picture. You thought to yourself, this is the correct way to wake up.  
You take another sip of your drink, it's you have time for one more? Of course you do, you're on holiday. 
You enjoy your drink, everyone gathers on the back deck and you're ready for dinner. You get dropped off in a tender to the coast, where reservations have been made at the finest restaurant in the area for you to enjoy! You enjoy the local culture, the food, the atmosphere and the people. 
The crew picks you up after dinner and brings you back to the boat, you say your goodnights and you go to bed thinking "wow this was was great day". This was Tuesday, you've got a few more days to enjoy!


We’re always looking to expand our charter portfolio.
Get in touch to learn about our charter division.

We offer yacht management options which include charters, giving you the opportunity to earn some money while you aren’t using the yacht.

Sounds good right? 

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