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THE 355


Agilis 355: Text
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Size & Passengers

The 3.55M long Agilis 355 is truly a sight to behold. The tender is able to carry 6 passengers elegantly through the water.

Modernized & Efficient Design

When designing the Agilis 355, Agilis set out to combine a new modern, yet elegant look, with a design that does not make any sacrifices in terms of performance. The avant-garde style of the tender will be a great addition to any yacht, no matter whether it has a classic or modern look. In terms of performance, you can expect the tender to handle itself majestically as improved weight distribution does not only imrpove ease of use, but also makes you feel like you are truly gliding over the water with no effort.

Watersport Made Easy

A ski pole can be found on the Agilis 355 that enables greatly improved and more comfortable towing. Furthermore, a ski mode feature provides enhanced control while towing by keeping the tender at a consistent speed, granting you refined ease of operation as well as significantly improved safety.

Relaxing or Sporty

The implementation of a trimmable jet pump nozzle allows you to seamlessly adjust the waterflow of the propulsion. Therefore, you are empowered to determine whether you desire a comfortable ride or whether you would like to engage in a more thrilling, sport experience.

Spaciousness & Flexibility

The tender is equipped with an extended bathing platform, making sure that you can make use of the size of the tender. Additionally, a foldable backrest can grant even more space for activities such as sunbathing. 

Choice Of Engine

The Agilis 355 provides you with the choice between two engine types. The first being a 90 HP engine that is more than capable of getting the job done. However...if you want to take the Agilis 355 to the next level you are able to equip it with a 144 HP beast.

Agilis 355: List


Starting at €35,400 Ex VAT

This price includes;

| 90 HP Jet Engine | Electronic Trim System | Electronic Reverse | Digital Gauge Cluster | 12v DC Socket/USB | LED Navigation Lights | Automatic Bilge Pump | Ladder | Storage Room | Ski Pole | Lifting Hooks | Foot Pump | Handles | Tie Down Points | Owners Manual |

Due to the high level of customisation, it's best to get in touch with us and we'll help you every step of the way and configure the tender together with you. 

Agilis 355: Financing
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