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THE 330


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Size & Passengers

The Agilis 330, with its length of 3.30M remains incredibly agile, while being a more spacious option. Even when carrying the maximum amount of 4 passengers, everyone on board will retain a formidable experience as the tender glides over the water with seemingly no effort.


The 90 HP engine of the Agilis 330 is a great fit, balancing performance and fuel efficiency, the 55L fuel tank will not leave you hanging, even while reaching up to 38 knots.

Agility & Safety

Much like the Agilis 305, this model also features a brake system. Therefore, the 330 is capable of cutting down its braking distance by half, even when going at full speed.

Enhanced Maneuverability

Enhanced maneuverability of the Agilis 330 enables you to guide tender even through a narrow area. Needless to say, parking the tender as well as operating it within a marina is made noticeably easier and greatly enhances your experience with the tender.

Limitless Personalisation

When it comes to customising your own Agilis, we've got you covered. Not only do we provide a vast range of high quality materials to choose from, ranging from faux leathers to textiles, you will also be able to choose from numerous different colour combinations. Consequently, you can make sure your Agilis 330 fits your style and environment.

Agilis 330: List


Starting at €31,550 Ex VAT

This price includes;

| 90 HP Jet Engine | Digital Gauge Cluster | Electronic Trim System | Electronic Reverse | 12v DC Socket/USB | LED Navigation Lights | Automatic Bilge Pump | Ladder | Storage Room | Towing Eyes | Lifting Hooks | Foot Pump | Handles | Tie Down Points | Owners Manual |

Due to the high level of customisation, it's best to get in touch with us and we'll help you every step of the way and configure the tender together with you. 

Agilis 330: Financing
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