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THE 305


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Size & Passengers

Coming in at 3.05M, the Agilis 305 is the second smallest tender in the portfolio. The vessel has no issues carrying 4 people at a time.


The Agilis 205 packs a powerful 90 hp engine, making it a speed demon. The 42L fuel tank will last you a while, even when reaching up to 38 knots. Furthermore, the engine was built with the environment in mind, hence virtually no harmful gases will be emitted by the engine of the Agilis 305.

Agility Through Innovation

Through a brake system that has been implemented into the Agilis 305, decelerating (even at full speed) has no hassle and empowers you to cut the braking distance in half.

Improved Maneuverability

Due to enhanced maneuverability, steering the tender, even in less spacious environments, becomes nearly effortless. Hence, parking the tender or operating it within a harbour is made significantly less stressful than it otherwise might be.

Boundless Customization

Much like all of Agilis' tenders, the Agilis 305 comes with an incredible range of customization options. You are not only able to choose from a comprehensive array of materials such as textiles or faux leather, but you are also free to customise your tender further by choosing from over 32 million stunning colour combinations.

Agilis 305: List


Starting at €28,500 Ex VAT

This price includes;

| 90 HP Jet Engine | Digital Gauge Cluster | 12v DC Socket/USB | LED Navigation Lights | Automatic Bilge Pump | Ladder | Storage Room | Towing Valve | Lifting Hooks | Foot Pump | Handles | Tie Down Points | Owners Manual |

Due to the high level of customisation, it's best to get in touch with us and we'll help you every step of the way and configure the tender together with you. 

Agilis 305: Financing
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