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THE 280


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Small Form Factor Without Sacrifice

When the Agilis 280 was designed, the ultimate goal was to design a tender that combined the comfort, power, durability and ease of control of the more spacious Agilis options in a compact form factor.

A Versatile Option

With 2.80M, it is currently the smallest tender in the Agilis range, which fits on yachts starting with a length of 38ft and is designed to carry 3 passengers at a time.

Little But Fierce

The 280 is equipped with a 900 cc Engine, a compact and economical, yet powerful engine. Designed to deliver reliable and lasting perfomance, this 60 HP engine features a closed-loop cooling system that prevents corrosive salt water from entering the interior of the motor.

Maneuverability & Sportiness

Do not be fooled by the size of this model, it still packs a punch, enabling you to engage in water-skiing at any time. Furthermore, steering the tender, even with one hand on the handlebar, is seamless thanks to the highly functional design of the tender.


Unlike boats with an outboard engine, the Agilis 280 does not have any reachable moving parts. Hence, leaving the Agilis 280 is a much more safe and relaxed experience.

Limitless Personalisation

When it comes to customising your own Agilis, we've got you covered. Not only do we provide a vast range of high quality materials to choose from, ranging from faux leathers to textiles, you will also be able to choose from numerous different colour combinations. Consequently, you can make sure your Agilis 280 fits your style and environment.

Agilis 280: List


Starting at €19,950 Ex VAT

This price includes;

| 60 HP Jet Engine | Digital Gauge Cluster | Automatic Bilge Pump | Tie Down Points | 2G Teak | Cleats | Handles | Towing Valve | Foot Pump | Telescopic Paddle | Owners Manual |

Due to the high level of customisation, it's best to get in touch with us and we'll help you every step of the way and configure the tender together with you. 

Agilis 280: Financing
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